How do we homeschool?

I am a mom of five surprised and blessed by God's plan for us to homeschool. He's leading the way & I'm learning! Our family meets with our CC community once a week and we bring our CC memory work home throughout the week in a few ways and do it all classically - with a touch of Charlotte Mason thrown in. Join me here to see what we're learning & how we're doing it!


Top 5 Guest Posts from 2014

    My friends are the best. They’ve shared so much into my life and I’ve been blessed to have them share with y’all. From what you’ve shared with me, they’ve blessed you too. ¬†Counting down, here are the top 5 guest posts from 2014 —   #5 A Day in the Life – Largent Family¬† This post by my… Read more →


My Top 10 Posts from 2014

  Is it too late to wish you a happy 2015? I think I’m still surprised it’s already here. But, it’s here and I’m grateful. I’m also grateful for this past year of writing and sharing with all of you. 2014 was kind to me and so were y’all. Here is a wrap-up of my top 10 posts from 2014.… Read more →


How To Homeschool While Moving

  We kept right on homeschooling during our recent move. It was a super close move – just a few miles away in the same town, but as it turns out, that doesn’t really affect the packing, paper processing, cleaning, purging part of a move. I think all told we missed one week’s worth of work, which we’ll just make… Read more →


Clearing Your Mind When You Can’t Clear the Table

Alright, folks, here’s the skinny. I struggle with needing things to be super neat and tidy. I mean s t r u g g l e. Can you hear me? Do you feel me? Something about a clean environment makes my mind feel clear and my soul feel peaceful. As you may remember, we moved just a few short months… Read more →