How do we homeschool?

I am a mom of five surprised and blessed by God's plan for us to homeschool. He's leading the way & I'm learning! Our family meets with our CC community once a week and we bring our CC memory work home throughout the week in a few ways and do it all classically - with a touch of Charlotte Mason thrown in. Join me here to see what we're learning & how we're doing it!


Our Plans for Summer Learning 2015

I’m a find what works and stick with it kind of girl, so it might not surprise you to know much of our summer plans are the same as last year. And our goal is most definitely the same: We’re taking a summer break without taking a brain break. All that said, here’s what this summer looks like for us… Read more →


The Conversation: Challenging Your Student with a Classical Education

    Over the past couple weeks, I had the great opportunity to read a preview copy of The Conversation by Leigh Bortins. I really don’t think I’m overstating when I unequivocally tell you, you should read this book! In the grammar stage with your littles? Read this book – it will fuel your excitement for the future! In the… Read more →

Need a Blog Makeover?

  I have big dreams and ideas about how this blog would look and function, but unfortunately not enough knowledge or time to get it done. That’s why I was so excited to see this offer from Blogelina. Does your blog need a makeover? Follow this link to check it out for yourself —   And Happy Mother’s Day!! Read more →

Animal Blogger

Caracal vs. Warthog: Who Would Win In A Fight?

  Kyle’s back with a new post on animals! In case you missed the first one, visit here to learn the whats and whys of my son contributing to the blog. Today he’ll be answering if a caracal and a warthog got in a fight, who would win?  ((Dunn, dunn, dunnnnnnn!!)) 😉   Here are some things you should know… Read more →


Linky Love

  A little portion of my day is spent reading meaningful (or fun or interesting) articles online. I thought I’d share my recent favorites with you —   The Math Ceiling: Where’s Your Cognitive Breaking Point? This article is giving me food for thought just as my boys are beginning to hit math that doesn’t just come easily to them. Since I’m… Read more →

Arches National Park

50 States Before They Graduate: Arches National Park, Utah

  Our trip to Arches National Park had a rough beginning and a bumpy, but happy ending. We jumped out of our car in the first parking lot to walk a trail with all the littles when the wind suddenly kicked up so badly and just didn’t quit. Sand was in our eyes and mouths, and stinging our skin as… Read more →


50 States Before They Graduate: Bryce Canyon, Utah

Y’all, I just want you to know that even though our pictures are beautiful, they aren’t going to even come close to showing how beautiful Bryce Canyon is in real life. If I could go back again tomorrow, I totally would. It is definitely one of my all-time favorite spots we’ve visited. Besides being gorgeous, it was just a great family… Read more →


Preparing for Memory Masters: Simple Methods for Memorizing

  We’re on the final stretch of our Classical Conversations year. One of my guys is aiming for memory master status, but still needs to fine-tune some of the memory work. We’re practicing using these tried & true memorization methods:   1. Making flash cards. He handmade flashcards today for John 1 in Latin. The lined side of the flashcard contains one… Read more →


Peregrine Falcon vs. Cheetah: Who Would Win in A Race?

Today, I’m excited to start what I hope will be a new series of periodic posts with my oldest son, Kyle Watson. Kyle is 9 years old and very interested in animals. He reads about them daily and regularly asks to look online for more information about animals. We thought maybe there are other children asking the same questions as… Read more →

Conversations: The Bible is History

Conversations with My Littles: The Bible is History

  I love the conversations classically homeschooling our family has afforded. Because our core subjects are on the same topics, we are able to have conversations where everyone can join in. Today I was reading out loud to them, An Island Story, a child’s history of England originally published before 1923.  It’s one of my littles’ favorite books we read “for… Read more →