How do we homeschool?

I am a mom of five surprised and blessed by God's plan for us to homeschool. He's leading the way & I'm learning! Our family meets with our CC community once a week and we bring our CC memory work home throughout the week in a few ways and do it all classically - with a touch of Charlotte Mason thrown in. Join me here to see what we're learning & how we're doing it!


A Day in the Life – Strite Family

You know what’s funny about this A Day in the Life post? I don’t technically know the Strite family, as we’ve only met recently through e-mail. A mutual friend, who is college friends with Lisa, introduced us knowing that we’d share the CC connection and that Lisa might be interested in sharing her family’s “day in the life” here. Well,… Read more →


Getting Started Homeschooling: Choosing A Method

Y’all, please welcome Jennifer Courtney of Classical Conversations Writers Circle with part one of a guest series of posts all about getting started in homeschooling. There is something to be said for starting off right, so I hope you enjoy her series of posts!   What should I do for my children’s education? Should I homeschool them? Where do I… Read more →

Learning with Legos

Cycle 3: Week 2

All of my ideas begin and end with Legos this week. Can you blame me? I’m surrounded by boys who love to build and are doing it all the time. I thought it would be great fun to use our Legos to try to build any number of things from our review: a Mayflower boat, the capital building in Harrisburg,… Read more →

Talk Out Loud Less

Talking Out Loud Less

I want to say in the simplest way possible the lesson that God has been teaching me lately. I’ll start at the beginning. I’m a talker…as in, I talk a lot. When I’m happy, sad, excited, nervous, angry, joyful, unsure, thinking…..I talk. You’ll usually only find me quiet when I’m tired or overwhelmed or really into what I’m reading. My… Read more →